Darkness covers my mind,

Smoke and ash inside my head.

I’m erupting, exploding

Erasing, eroding

All that I hate.

And all that I am,

Mixing together, consuming me.

How long will it last?

I want freedom from this cast.

In days to come the smoke will clear,

Weak and tired I appear.

Finished for now, I mourn my illness,

I look towards the future, praying.

The garden

Squash blossoms in the summer sun,

Calling for me to run,

I look away and see the clouds

Begging me to scream aloud

I’m stuck, im broken

I’m lost and sinking

I clear my mind and try to think,

I cannot release and start to drown,

Forward I go, with the sinking sun

I reach out and start to run.